Friday, September 29, 2006

Inauspicious - well, maybe

Friday (D-day minus four - it's moved)
Development spend: same
People now involved in launch: seven
Site crashes: one

Progress so far... Good meeting on Tuesday to look at site designs the agency has come up with and technical bits of making site live. Signed off test site design on Wednesday (so excited!) and started talking to possible hosting company. Thursday was a slow down - the part-time Journalism teaching that will help pay for sweeble's early days meant I wasn't around to move things on, but starting to catch up again today.

But now here we are at Friday and it's clear the site won't be ready to launch Sunday as I hoped - so now I'm aiming for Tuesday. The hosting contract isn't agreed yet and the new designs haven't been transferred over yet. And a powercut overnight meant all the development sites were down this morning. Fixed now, but bugger!

I'd wanted Sunday for a (no publicity) soft launch to get the test site live and start playing with it and getting people I know to have a go on it, so we can tweak and fix things before it gets too important. But Tuesday'll do for that too.

Except - just had a look on wiki and 3rd October Organization was a name for the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia. October 3 was also the day that Dafydd ap Gruffydd gained the accolade of being the first person to be executed by drawing and quartering; the day, in 1952, the UK first successfully tested a nuclear weapon and, in 1932, the day Iraq gained independence from Britain (think Iraq would like it back?).

May pick another date.

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