Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bad bosses building British business
(I so hate over-alliteration, don't you?)

Wednesday (D-day plus five)
Development spend: Same
Bank accounts successfully opened: None (still)
Number of office pigeons: Five

A friend just called to tell me about his nightmare (new) boss. This friend has spent weeks working on proposals and presentations his boss has asked him to produce in order to make the case for keeping IT inhouse rather than outsource it.

He's worked until midnight night after night, building the case to keep his job and his team's jobs and knowing that inhouse IT was the most cost-effective solution for the business in any case.

Today he found out that his boss had already made the decision to outsource before he even started this process - and that he's determined to outsource even though he knows it will be much more expensive for the company. My friend has wasted his time and will be out of a job no matter what he does. Hopefully, it will be the best thing that ever happened to him.

If it wasn't for a bad boss I might not have created sweeble. He wasn't the first one I'd worked for - this country is held back by a whole army of not-good-enough bosses. But he became the last one I was prepared to work for ever again.

Same thing with my bloke. His last bad boss tipped him over the edge to finally setting up his own business and going it alone. One year later and it's gone from zero to £half-a-million turnover and he's providing work for four other people.
Bad bosses are vicariously building Britain's enterprise culture.

In the meantime, I want people like my friend to tell the world through sweeble what it feels like when you're still battling with that bad boss. It's as horrible as it can be (I remember) and that needs to be set down for the record.

When we'd finished talking, I looked out the window of the shoffice (word coined to describe the shed office I work in). It is absolutely tipping it down. The rain is pouring off the roof and the wood pigeons are huddled on top of it. There used to be just two regular roof perchers, now there are five. They've discovered the amount of heat that escapes through the shoffice roof when I'm inside working.

I can't imagine now being back in a real office and slogging away every day for a bad boss, or any boss in fact. It would be nice to have that salary again but it's getting less and less important to me. Doing something you want to do and something you believe in is what's important. And there are more and more of us who are thinking like that nowadays.

Remember the Star Trek Next Generation episode where they discussed the madness of working just to make money rather than to improve yourself and your world? One day.


Hello. In true Star Trek style this is Sue from the future here. I wanted to check this posting to find out why it's appearing so high up on a Google search for sweeble. Worse, it appears with a line of text plucked from the middle of the post. The bit where I say 'if it wasn't for a bad boss I might not have created sweeble' - bit embarrassing now I'm in the middle of my first google ad campaign.

Don't understand it, why not go in at the start of the post, with the headline? Why jump in five paragraphs? Presumably it just picks up that line because it mentions sweeble. I may change that. I'll think about it.

Google really is rewriting web history, just not necessarly on its own.

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