Saturday, October 21, 2006

Champagne opened, cheques written, here we come!

Saturday (D-day plus one!)
Development spend: £4890
Bottles of champagne opened: One
Number of stories written: 36

Yippee! Sweeble - the test version at least - went live yesterday afternoon.
It felt surprisingly underwhelming at the time, given the sweat and tears that have gone into getting sweeble going. Mostly because my ISP was storing the previous cached version (showing just the holding page) and it took until this morning for me to see it working on my own laptop.
In the meantime, I'd been desperately ringing people up to get them to check what they could see on their machines and keeping my fingers crossed everything looked as it should.
Next stage was to start emailing the group of friends who'll be the first to test sweeble and let me know what doesn't make sense and, once we've done a bit more tweaking, then I'll start to let strangers know about sweeble.
And then it's everything crossed until sweeble gets to the stage where there's enough material and enough users signed up for them to keep coming back and to want to tell their friends about it. And then the site will finally start to grow under its own steam.
In the meantime, me and my bloke celebrated by finally opening that bottle of champagne and I wrote cheques to the design company and the server seller.
Yippee and yippee again!


Sue from the future here. Ignore this picture. Had to shove it into a posting somewhere so I could add it to my blog profile at a point in the future but not as much in the future as I am now.
Anyway, re-read the post and thought: "Gosh, wasn't I excited! Good job I didn't know what was around the corner.. But am probably due another bottle of champagne."

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