Friday, October 06, 2006

My kingdom to be able to code

Friday (D-day minus whatever)
Development spend: same until I pay the invoices piling up
Number of emails exchanged about servers: 17
Unopened bottles of champagne in fridge: one

Okay, today I'm fed up. No launch, no server for site to launch from yet, no working site design. And a list as long as my arm of things that still need 'tweaking.'

And still no answer on the development grant applied for three weeks ago. Barely a drop in the ocean of public money Advantage West Midlands hands out - but the difference between me being able to say 'yes' or 'no' to most of the decisions I'm taking right now on how sweeble will look and run.

However, the main thing is there was no sweeble launch this week. Hopefully next week but I'm too fed up right now to set another date and see it missed.

The main problem was hosting. Sweeble is running on non-Microsoft everything which seems to be an issue with most hosting resellers. The software mix we were looking for seemed to be okay at first, but gradually stopped being okay with the hosting companies. Now I'm trying to decide on whether to buy our own server and do it all ourselves, or pay double what I can afford to another company to host a server we have to set up and they would look after.

In the meantime, the page design has been carried across to the development site and my first look at a live sweeble with it's party frock on was underwhelming. There is a lot of tweaking going on right now.

I'm starting to wonder whether the only way to launch something new on the web, on a shoestring, is if the person with the dream is also the site developer. If I could code, like Craig Newmark or Michael Birch, sweeble would be live right now.

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