Friday, November 17, 2006

Keep going, keep going...

Friday morning
Development spend: Same (but feeling guilty about unpaid invoices)
Chocolate biscuits eaten today: None (so far)
Rat neighbours: At least one

Not that I'm likely to stop what I'm trying to do but this really isn't easy on your own. Even with a bag of Skittles to eat and Loretta singing in the background.

That make-all-the-difference grant for sweeble development is stuck in quango bureaucracy. Two weeks after approving the funding, I got a letter today from Coventry University asking me to fill in a supplier information form before they'll add me to their accounts file in order to give me the grant they're holding for me - which the letter says will be paid 30 days from invoice date (what invoice?) and after a purchase order has been received (?). Grrr..
So, basically I'll be lucky to see any of the cash this side of Christmas. God knows how I pay the £1500 overdue invoices and the four grand of work I've just approved in the meantime.
Keep going, keep going....

Have had zilch response from the emails I sent out to media freedom champions, looking for help with growing sweeble. Jeff Jarvis, Dan Gillmor, Suw Charman - maybe they just get too many of these sort of emails nowadays, or maybe they've stopped being interested in what people they don't know are up to.
And then there are the bloggers I've contacted - Chicken Yogurt, Burn Money, Dr Crippen, Random Reality, World Weary Detective, Stuart Hughes, Call Centre Diary - also zilch.
Thank you Cough The Lot for trying to help but I'm not convinced any longer that there's a community of bloggers out there, just thousands of people wanting to do their own thing from the isolation of their own blog.
Keep going, keep going...

Found out that one of the reasons sweeblers were having problems with stories disappearing before they could post them was because the timeout for the story creation page was set to 24 minutes. Don't know many journalists who could rattle out a story in that time, never mind people going online for the first time to write about something that matters to them.
It's been changed to four hours.
In the meantime, the new work is being done but none of it is working and ready for release on the site and Lloyds still haven't set up my banking properly so I can pay for the video player license and get that development underway.
I bet Craig Newmark didn't have these problems.
Keep going, keep going...


I've given my rat neighbour a name - Rosie. And decided she's a young single mum and therefore a potential sweebler.
As long as she stays in the woodshed and that 8ft strip of grass stays between her office and mine, I won't ask anyone to kill her. Although I might ask her for advice on staying focused on a goal - getting sweeble out of the mud can't be any different to climbing the bird table to steal the best bread.

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