Tuesday, November 14, 2006

White House, Microsoft and birdcage tales

Tuesday morning
Development spend: same
Number of worried canaries: two
People working on sweeble today: five

Spent past two hours trawling US blogland looking for potential sweeble champions, and kept getting distracted by 'what next?' stories about the US election.
I find it hard to take seriously any sentence that includes the phrase 'The White House' or 'The Speaker' and I blame West Wing for that.
The sitcom 'Yes Minister' did the same for me with the Thatcher government, but at least then I was able to see there was something real and scary happening in politics off screen.
I'm just glad there are plenty of people in the US who do still take what happens in the White House seriously and are committed to affecting what happens there. And that they've stopped hoping Jed Bartlet will sweep in and rescue us all.


Was also distracted by the new 'bird feeding station' (sic) I put up in the garden on Saturday. The birds have finally cottoned on to the new food source and I've got a a healthy crop of visitors this morning - blue tits, robins, squirrels, and rats.
Seems a side effect of feeding the birdies in these modern times is you also attract visitors of the squeaking rather than twittering variety.
The new garden visitors are making my two canaries (Buffy and Spike) nervous - especially when the rat ran past the window I leave open near their cage.
Another sweeble metaphor really. If I'm opening the web doors to anyone to post their story anonymously online, it's not just the sparky robins and plump tits that will be visiting, it's the rats I hadn't expected too.
But I think sweeblers will have enough sense about them to make their own minds up about what they want to read on sweeble and to keep their distance from what they don't like.


Sweeble's new development phase is underway with a big block of work currently being done on the free ads and swapshop and another on user interaction.
Am also waiting to buy the license for the video player (waiting for Lloyds Bank to set up my online banking so I can pay for it).
The player, assuming it works for us, was built by a Dutch developer bloke on his own. Like everything else about the way sweeble is built, it hasn't even sniffed at Microsoft's trouser leg and is open source and as independent as we can make it.

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