Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 here we come!

Thursday morning
Development spend: £12,800
Number of Christmases since started working on sweeble: One

It's been a while since the last post, so will rush through summary of the intervening month.

Spent whole days feeling pissed off over last few weeks because the new version of the site missed deadline of Dec 15 by a mile. And it was hard to stay interested in old version when I'm itching to get the new one out there and noticed.

However, yesterday we took down the site while we transferred the new version across - yippee! Except the new version still has glitches that are being worked on. Hopefully we'll have it up by end of today, but I've become less anxious about these things - too many deadlines missed already and too many glitches slowing things down. It'll just happen when it happens.

Setting up the video player has proved difficult across different ISPs and developer Neil has had to go back to the code designer. What we've got is now looking good and working okay but still not ready for sweeblers to upload their own videos to site. Nearly there, I hope.

Innovation grant claim went in just before Xmas after me spending a week drowning in Excel spreadsheets, and bank balance is above waterline again. For now.

Same week I finished my first semester teaching journo students, brought home six boxes of files to grade and agreed to set up and run online journalism Yr 2 and 3 courses next term.

Got first stage sweeble marketing plan poised for off when new site goes live (sounds impressive but really it's a series of emails to different groupings plus some card flyers all drafted and ready to go).

Crowded Christmas - two sets of kids around too small a table. We drilled slices of plywood into table top to make it temporarily bigger. The holes are a nice reminder of several days of forgetting about work for a while and remembering the equally important bits in our lives. Thinking about getting a dog.

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